Friday, April 8, 2016

Old Man's War--#18 finished

A very good read about older humans that sign up to become soldiers in outer space.  They sign up before turning 75 and at age 75 then go into the program.  They have to put 10 years in and then can become young again but cannot return to earth, become colonials in distance planets.  Interesting concept and good story.  Really enjoyed this book.  I know I have the 2nd book too, not sure if series goes beyond that or not.  Good fun sci-fi that makes you think & even where you can see this kind of happening or something like it down the road.

Inside the first page, it has separated from the cover.  I might try to glue it back together & see if it will hold.  Right now not postable on PBS though.  Might be a keeper & try to encourage kids to read.

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