Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Punch--#19 finished

Good read about a famous NBA fight from the 1970's.  Maybe fight isn't the best word, I guess the book title is probably best as The Punch.  Kermit Washington of the Lakers came back the help out the superstar, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in a little scuffle with an opponent--Kevin Kunnert.  Differing accounts about if Kunnert through elbow or punch or anything and Kermit I think threw punch at Kunnert.  Then Rudy Tomjanovich of Rocket & Kunnert's teammate came running in to help out his teammate.  At that point Kermit knew somebody was running toward him so he turned around & threw a devastating punch that drops Rudy T.  It destroyed his face & caused spinal fluid to leak--he was lucky they got him to a hospital and an excellent surgeon was there or could have been worse for him.  Took months to recover and did shorten his career as a player.  Kermit by all accounts is good guy that just reacted badly.  Good book that went to see both sides of this.  Really shows how NBA was different back then with enforcers and fights.

I will probably just donate this book away.  It has a small stain on it and could try to clean up but since already 6 or so copies on PBS, not worth it.  Nursing home close by can use the books so will pull a few out & donate there.

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