Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Wedding in December--#25 finished

I finished this book about a week ago and set it aside for a while to give some thought to it and just never got back to logging it in.  A group of high school boarding school east coast types get back together for basically the first time since high school about 30 years later.  Some have stayed in contact but most just went their own ways.  A group of guys & gals and some are reliving the high school feelings too.  The two getting married were HS sweethearts that broke up after HS and both married.  She married and then divorced and he married but didn't divorce until the sweethearts met up again and the relationship started back up.  Throw in a kind of mystery death of a should have been successful classmate and some prior unannounced happenings from that night and some things getting revealed, should have made this seem more exciting.  Really it just wasn't very exciting.  Didn't really care for the characters, just seemed too bland and there was an undercurrent about how a night of sex could fix things or maybe straighten your life out--something there, not really sure about it.  My favorite part of the book was probably the book one of them was writing--the book inside of a book.  It was just okay for me.  I have another book or two by author so I will probably try another one, just to see.

I will not bother posting it, there are already hundreds of copies on PBS.  This will go in my donate away pile, probably to the retirement home that I have given to in the past.

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