Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Farm--#57 finished

An interesting read told from standpoint of an only son whose parent's moved from London England to a farm in the countryside of Sweden.  Son hasn't really stayed in touch with parents, he is hiding his gay life and partner from them.  Out of nowhere he finds out from dad that his mom was put in an asylum and was freed and is on her way to him.  She comes to him and relates a story and he realizes the life he has had was full of questions that he never asked.  He eventually has to travel to Sweden to investigate what his mom told him and he learns some harsh truths.  Book kind of ends where he is going into room to let his mom know.  Kind of weird book and really didn't like any of the characters much at all and for that reason hard to say I liked it.

I will put it back to PBS at some point, I think there are 40 WL for it so no hurry right now since have enough credits.

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