Friday, June 23, 2017

Back Blast--#28 finished

This is the next in the Gray Man series.  A kind of Bourne like series, an ex-assassin for US that was deep inside, had been put on the terminate list by the US.  Shot on sight orders and the last few books about how he has been staying alive and taking contracts to take out bad guys.  This is the one where he wants to find out why he was put on the terminate list.  He gets back into the US and is around DC and trouble start happening.  Interesting stuff and sort of enjoyable if you suspend enough reality to let it happen.  Certainly all things possible but the timing and abilities are just too far out there at times.  Still fun book & fun series.

I will post back on PBS at some point, there are 20 WL for book now so have some time on this.

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