Monday, June 12, 2017

The 14th Colony--finished #27

The next in Steve Berry's Cotton Malone series.  New president coming into office & the Magellan Billet is being scraped.  Cotton gets sent on one last mission to check into what an ex-KGB officer is up to at the request of the Russians.  Uncovers a leftover Cold War plot that the ex-KGB is starting back up with a suitcase nuc in the US.  Same as most of them, fast paced and interesting.  Couple twists and timing is just too perfect to believe but reading for entertainment so just have to go with it & enjoy.  New president keeps the Magellan Billet up and running after this so the series will continue.

I will be posting it on PBS probably pretty soon.  Still 17 WL for it but it is a mass media paperback so they move faster than other copies.

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