Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Hollow Man--#52 finished

This book had been on my shelf for years, it is a mass market paperback with small writing so those usually do get picked to be read first unless there is something grabbing me about the book.  I think the only reason I had the book was because a hospital room in St Louis was mentioned on the back cover.  Well it is almost too bad because I really didn't like this book.  What started as an interesting idea, a professor can read, in his head, what other people are thinking.  His wife is the same & together can communicate with each other without talking.  She dies of cancer & he goes off the deep end.  Then for just really no reasons at all, he burns down the house, goes to nowhere Florida, meets up with a mafia guy disposing of a body, gets away, becomes homeless in Denver, beats someone up, goes west & does work on a ranch until the crazy lady owner with steel fake teeth and a desire to kill people & freeze them tries to catch him.  Then he stumbles into Vegas, wins a bunch of money & gets kidnapped by mafia guy.  What should have been a decent story was just destroyed by all that crap in the middle.  Then the end he gets sucked into the thoughts of a death, blind & dumb kid in St Louis where he can hang with his wife.  Just terrible.  Maybe I am a bad judge but this was not it for me, not even close.

I was thinking about posting on PBS but there are already 6 copies and just no reason to do so.  I will put this in my give-away pile.

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