Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Mirrored World--#50 finished

A story of a not all that well to do family of nobility in St Petersburg.  An extended family where they have to try to marry off the girls & succeed with 2 of the 3, the 3rd marrying when much older and rest of family mostly out of picture.  Story talks about the struggles of their position as well as the every day struggles of life at that time.  Xenia the middle daughter had married with love to a well respected & liked singer but after struggling to have a baby & then losing the baby after a few months, Xenia slips into remorseful state.  Her husband then dies & well she goes off the deep end and thought dead only to be found living on the street in a poor part of town as a kind of holy fool.  The last daughter married an Italian singer eunuch and after he died is when she found Xenia but could not control or change Xenia.  A good story with interesting characters and an interesting insight into a possible life at that time.

There are 6 WL for this book so will probably post & mail at some point.

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