Monday, August 27, 2012

Cardboard Gods--#48 finished

I received this book through PBS a couple years ago and finally took the time to read it.  I had sort of followed the writers blog for a while & when I heard he wrote a book off his blog idea, I put it on my WL.  His blog is now the same name as his book--although I haven't checked it out for a couple years.  In it he would pull out one of his old baseball cards and examine the player, his uniform and background and wrap all that with something that went on in his life.  He has lead an interesting life, at least by my standards but I don't think I would call it exciting.  The book was more about his life and his struggles to fit in and become something.  There was less focus on the cards and more focus on his life, which makes sense.  I did miss some of his crazy insights about the baseball cards though that he threw out there in the blog.  I will have to check on his blog & see if it is still running and how it has changed.

The book itself kind of reads like a John Irving novel, I just read his Twisted River--back in January I believe and it seems similar at least to the Irving character's mid 30s age.  This writer Josh Wilker hasn't gotten to the level of success yet that Irving gave his character.  Now that I rethink it, maybe not that similar but the book had kind of that feel to it with baseball cards instead of wrestling--Irving likes wrestling.  Overall I liked this book and really hope the writer becomes successful.  I didn't get a good feeling either way on Josh's life--good or bad.  Lots of issues and hope for the best.  Wonder if in 10-15 years another book will be coming out?

I am not sure if I will be posting it or not.  Right now I think it is a keeper for me.  His blog is one of the reasons I have this blog and still think about writing something.  I don't think I can mail this book off.  It will go by the Adventures in Mainstreaming that also gets partial credit.

I am reading The End of Mr Y and also started The Color of Night.  I hope to add a 3rd book later today.

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