Sunday, August 12, 2012

Love Kills--#46 finished

This is the last in the 4 book series about a detective in Pasadena, CA--Nan Vining.  The first 3 books in the series dealt with Nan tracking down a serial killer that had almost killed her.  The third book she kills the serial killer but I guess the author wanted to tie up some loose ends so a 4th book was written.  This book basically tied up the loose ends and put the detectives in the middle of an almost Tom Cruise Scientology or cult investigation.  Don't get me wrong, it had nothing to do with Scientology but the case and characters seemed similar to me an ways.  Not too bad, the series needed to get wrapped up and this book did the job.  The author has started another series, but not sure if I really want to get into it.  I have plenty of other books to read so will probably pass at this point.

Reading Consider This, Señora and Cardboard Gods.  I also just started The End of Mr Y a book I started once before but didn't get through much at al before shelving it for later & later is now I guess.  I have posted Love Kills on PBS and it is only the 2nd copy on the system so I expect it to move at some point.  Since I have all 4 books in series I could also offer a deal like 2 credits for all 4 books just to move them--won't do right now but maybe down the line.

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