Tuesday, September 25, 2012

In My Time--#52 finished

This is Dick Cheney's memoir.  It seems that sometimes I am one of the few Dick Cheney fans out there.  I really enjoyed him at the 2 VP debates he did and his politics while conservative were also tough and steady.  As the VP has was very much tied down to what President wanted and to me it seems he would have made quite a few different decisions that President Bush made.  Of course Cheney's loyalty to those around him would not let him express that in this book.  He did take shots at Condi Rice & Colin Powell but that was after explaining he truly respected them but disagreed with some of their decisions.  Well maybe a little harsher than that.  I do want to read now President Bush's book that I have that goes over some his major decisions as President but that might have to wait a month or so--that would probably be too much politics right away.

From reading this memoir I respect Cheney even more.  It really shows how his experience came to bear in the Bush Presidency and how Cheney was an important piece of the President.  I really liked this book.  For the most part he did not take many shots at President Obama but did point out the differences as well as how President Obama has had to backtrack on issues that he campaigned on.

All in all liked the book and not sure at this point if it will be a keeper or not.  Right now leaning toward keeper.

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