Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hero of the Underground--#55 finished

This is former NE football player Jason Peter's story.  Mostly his story of his severe drug addiction with stuff from his playing days mixed in.  A shocking and good read that gives a very good idea how drugs can mess up someone's life.  Starting with pain pills that he took to sleep and then wake up and get through a practice or a game.  Then from what sounds like boredom when outside of football, he gets into recreational drugs.  Then after his career ended early from injuries and again bored and no clue what to do with life, he turns to drugs.  A couple of detox trips where he immediately goes back into drugs and even into harder stuff after hearing stories at these places.  Still doing pain pills, cocaine, crack, heroin and mixing them, even some meth since nothing else was there towards the end.

While the book is shocking, I have a really hard time feeling sorry for him, the writer.  He has all the money he should ever need and is a smart person and just pisses it away.  Our prisons are full of people that were on drugs to a much lessor extent than he was, maybe he is lucky but that doesn't mean I will like or respect him.  I hope for his sake his life is good still and no relapses but relapsing will be something he will probably fight the rest of his life.

I have posted it on PBS, there is 1 copy a head of it so I would think it will move at some point.  Still reading The End of Mr Y, getting closer there and a Far Place To Go--or something like that.  I also have Zone One, I think that is the title, a zombie book I think but I am only a very few pages into it so far.

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