Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Girl She Used To Be--#58 finished

This started as an interesting book about a now lady in Witness Protection.  Her and her parents witnessed a mob boss killing someone--she was 6 at the time and witnesses placed them in area and government basically twisted their arms to testify.  Mob boss still gets off though and family lives in fear for their lives.  Daughter really struggles with idea of living a lie and at one point announces who she really is to get back at her parents--hour later her parents are killed by mob.  She is now 26 and really tired of running and hates her protectors and hates how she cannot live her life.  The mob boss son steps into the picture and he is cute and hot and all that.  She goes with him lives the life for a couple days and everything falls apart when she meets his family.

Started good and got sappy at the end.  Oh well still not a bad read altogether.  I will be posting it on PBS at some point.

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