Friday, June 14, 2013

We are all Fine Here--#27 finished

It started as a kind of quirky read about a middle aged woman that is really struggling in life and ends up getting pregnant.  Not sure if it was from a one time fling from ex-husband she still loves or from her husband that she is more just going through motions with.  The book starts as kind of funny but slowly shifts over to kind of depressing and finally hopeful toward the end.  She has a miscarriage after her husband comes around to the idea of having a baby.  Just about every couple in the book is breaking up or hooking up with someone else.  In the end though it seems as though the pregnancy brings her family closer together.  A good quick read.

I have already posted it on PBS, there are 3 copies a head of it.  Still reading Ballistic and The Lady of the Rivers.  I also just started Congresswoman Barbara Lee's book.

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