Sunday, October 13, 2013

I'm Not Really Here--#50 finished

This is Tim Allen's 2nd book he wrote.  The first one, Don't Stand Too Close to the Naked Guy or something like that was kind of good.  I remember it being funny and somewhat insightful about himself.  This one is not good.  He gets into the meaning of life in a quantum physics kind of way that he also tries to be funny about and none of it works.  I guess I don't want my science from a celebrity even if it seems he tried really hard to understand it.  Not entertaining, not insightful and overall just didn't like this book.  Oh well, I read enough that there will be some duds and this is one of them.

I won't be posting it on PBS even though I got it from there.  Early on in the book there is like a food stain, which is a no no for PBS books.  No big deal, there are probably enough copies that it wasn't going anywhere anyway.  I will probably donate it to the library or the local used bookstore nearly.

I am reading Bronx Noir and also a book on North Korea.  I have also just barely started Sarah Palin's first book, Going Rogue, I think or something like that.  Those 3 will probably do for now.

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