Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Twelve--#49 finished

This is the 2nd of the trilogy by Justin Cronin's vampire series.  I think I liked it better than the first book, The Passage.  That book seemed to get bogged down in laying the foundation & then jumping into the wholesale slaughter once the vampires got free.  This book gives hope for humanity, people are starting to rebuild.  The Twelve were killed off, or at least most of them--not sure about Carter & Amy and Zero is still around for the 3rd book.  Some interesting plot turns and some just kind of crazy stuff, but overall I would say good, if the like the end of the earth vampire/zombie thing.  Lots of characters to keep straight and kind of epic setting and story with some jumping around stuff so some confusion at times too.  I liked this book more than one so I will look to finish the series once the 3rd book is out.

I picked up this copy at a library sale, so I will post it on PBS at some point.  My credits have worked their way back up so I am in no hurry to post it.  There are plenty of WL for it, maybe 244 or something last I looked--or more, just not sure but plenty.  Still reading the Tim Allen book and Bronx Noir.  Not sure yet if I will start another tonight or not.

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