Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The View from Mount Joy--#53 finished

For the most part I liked this book.  I liked the characters and following them through their lives.  At times seemed too clear cut in just knowing things would work out but still kind of nice to know that too.  Joe after high school struggles badly it seems but then almost lucks into a great life.  Kristi was the star in high school and while college seems okay, disappears for big periods after college--jumping back in for a trist with Joe here & there.  She eventually becomes a sellout to religion and becomes a kind of Laura Schlesinger(?) type with tough talk but more religion.  Joe who sees & has seen her other side and others like her brother & parents just think she is fake.  I thought they all got way too snarky after Kristi's mom's funeral.  It was those kind of moments along with the everything working out almost perfectly for the "good" people, made this book a little tough at times.  Still a good overall read, I enjoy this author and have a few more of her books that I will need to get too as well.

I have posted this book on PBS but there are 19 copies a head of it, so it is not going anywhere anytime soon.  I still reading Going Rogue and just started The King's Deception.  Not sure if a 3rd book will get started or not.

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