Monday, November 4, 2013

The King's Deception--#54 finished

This is the next Cotton Malone book by Steve Berry.  Malone is a retired spy for a deep secret organization inside the US government.  Because of contacts & doing favors he gets sucked back into situations.  That is what happens here.  The other thing with these books is that the author tries to take a rumor or idea or small time theory and use that as the main focus of the book.  This one is if Queen Elizabeth I was a fraud and could be proven.  Because of English Law, decisions she made--like in this book--like handing land to Protestants in Ireland, which became Northern Ireland would have to be thrown out.  This would throw the whole Ireland peace into turmoil.

Anyway with all of that going on, the book is a good action book.  Easy to read quick page turner type.    I think I enjoyed his other books a little more that I have read.  I am still meaning to find the beginning to this series & start from there but haven't gotten around to it.  By the way, this book was actually finished in October but I just never got around to logging it in then, oh well stuff happens.

I got this book from PBS but it is not postable, it is warped from water damage.  I will not be mailing it out.  I will probably donate it to the library.  I am still reading Sarah Palin's book Going Rogue.  I have also started Queen of the Oil Club a book about Wanda Jablonski and just started Out Backward.

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