Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Winslow in Love--#60 finished

A good read about a poet that achieved some fame and now just sort of hanging on in mid-life.  His 2nd marriage is ending & he hasn't written anything publishable in years.  He is offered an opportunity to be a visiting professor at a same university in Montana with a graduate writing program.  His wife stays in Portland & he knows it is over.  A good story about his coming to grips with where he is at and his interaction with the students and other professors there.  His one student with some promise also becomes his special student, they drink together & argue and eventually take a trip together during spring break.

It is a good read in a micro sense, one man dealing with himself and just a few others.  Good conversations and thoughts and introspection on his part.

I have posted it back on PBS and there is one copy ahead of it.  I think it will move eventually, this is a good writer.  Of course one of his other books, Into the Great Wide Open, is still sitting on my bookshelf having not moved in a couple of years and basically being the only copy on the PBS system, so what do I know.

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