Friday, November 8, 2013

Going Rogue--#55 finished

Sarah Palin is a interesting person in politics and I think a lot of what she meant to modern politics is not being examined.  She was probably put into the position of VP candidate too soon but when asked she said yes.  She was only governor for 2 & 1/2 years but her accomplishments in Alaska should not be overlooked.  She really was just a normal person who became a politician--first council person, mayor, serving on a state committee & then becoming governor.  She was not the Ivy League bred for politics type that is almost commonplace or the daughter of a politician, she was just someone that gravitated there.  That being said, I can understand why McCain choose her as a running mate.  In her short time as governor she attacked corruption in her own party and was able to pass bills that Democrats supported.  She is attractive and by being the only Republican women to be on the ticket ever was going to get plenty of media to help his campaign.

I am still surprised that all of the attacks she had during the campaign and even after the campaign, some of it was certainly self inflicted.  The Katie Couric interview and some where I think she just wasn't ready for national politics.  The McCain campaign or headquarters controlling her appearances and messages I think shows this, she was not comfortable it pushing them aside and doing things more to her way.  She kind of went along and did not respond or let her people respond to the attacks.  I don't know if there was anyway once she accepted the VP position on the ticket though she could have swayed or stopped the attacks.  That to me is probably the biggest thing that worries me today about her candidacy.  The Democrats and the mainstream media, as well as some Republicans, went to tear her down--she never really got a chance to get a message out or to define herself nationally.  In the book she mentioned Democrats started ethics investigations on her and other potential VP candidates before she was picked, just so some dirt would already be started on them.  To me that is a story the media needs to explore but just won't.  Dirty politics is a way of life and some should be expected but I really think the Obama team went too far.  Elections based on ideas or policies just isn't happening, winning at all costs is the game now & it should not be.  This is where the media must play a role but instead has just carried the water for both parties and has made our county divided because of it.  I really don't know what to think about elections anymore.

I also wanted to read Sarah Palin's book to get some insight into her because I think she could have a role in politics in the future.  I see her as possibly being a leader of a Tea Party type party if they would break from the Republicans.  I don't know if she could be a national candidate but I would think she could be a force in Alaska and maybe be a Tea Party Senator down the line.

Anyway, I liked the book for the most part.  I was going to post it on PBS but have decided to keep it because she is an interesting person for me at least and want to see what the future holds for her.

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