Monday, November 11, 2013

Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse--#56 finished

A fun book with a different take on the destruction of civilization.  Here it was just a whole series of events that changed the world and eventually lead to a nuclear war.  Mort, the main character, hides away in a mountain cabin in TN to avoid a divorce but has a radio and listens as the world unravels until the radio stations go off.  He stays in his hide-a-way for 9 years and then decides to venture out.  He smartly saved up a stock of whiskey which makes him rich at the only establishment, a strip club.  The strip club is more than that as he finds out eventually when meeting the owner and becomes entangled in a war between the strip club establishment and the red stripes--a band of warriors who leader wants control of everything left.  Throw in some interesting stops and overall pretty good dialogue and this story is a keeper.  It doesn't take itself that seriously but is much more likely than another vampire/zombie story.  A good read & a very very fast read--I zipped through it in 3 days--missing most of one day of the 3 too.

I will be passing it along on PBS at some point, there are 19 WL for it.  I am still on the Out Backward, I think is the name, the British screwed in the head 19 yr old.  Also still reading Wanda Jablowski or something close to that spelling wise, a groundbreaking female business reporter that reported on oil news after WWII & through OPEC founding, etc--interesting person & read so far.  Also a short story book.

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