Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Judas Field--#48 finished

This is a very good book on the Civil War in a mico sense.  It is about a group of men, mostly focusing on 3, from a small town in Mississippi that were in the Civil War and then about their life 20 years later.  A daughter of an officer that died wants to go to the battlefield and bring home her dad & brother's bodies to be buried in her family plot.  She is dying of cancer and wants to reunite the family in a sense.    The book is written about Cass, Roger and Lucien and bounces between their present time and the Civil War and at several times it takes the reader a paragraph or two to determine which time it is.  It is like the individuals have a hard time separating the times as well, especially when they return to the battlefield, the memories and their present self seem to intermingle.  The author does a good job of really putting the reader into the situation of a person in the Civil War--the time leading up to a battle and then the battle itself and also how the individual finds a way to cope with what they just went through.  A really good read.

I will be posting it on PBS, there was 1 WL for it.  I am also reading still The Twelve and Tim Allen's 2nd book, I'm Not Really Here.  I have also just started a short story book, Bronx Noir.

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