Thursday, September 19, 2013

Post Grad--#47 finished

This is a novel that was written off a screenplay for a movie by the same name.  Girl graduate's college & doesn't get the job she wanted & has to move back in with her crazy family in LA area.  Her best friend a guy, has been secretly in love with her but she is so self obsessed and has been using him to just prop her own self esteem up she doesn't realize it.  It is really pretty bad, bad characters, bad story and just a bad book that from what wiki said also a bad movie.  It was a quick read though, but part of that is that I just wanted to get it over.  Could zoom through the pages and nice to know it is in my rear view mirror now.

I have posted it on PBS but there are 4 copies ahead of this one.  I don't think it is going anywhere but at this point can just sit on my book shelf.  I will probably look to start another book later tonight.

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