Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Skeleton Crew--#46 finished

Well this one took a while to get here.  I started it back in May to take along to the Renaissance Fair that I went to with my oldest.  The copy I have is old & beaten up so I figured a good book to carry along in a backpack--no problem if it gets knocked around or even a little rained on, both happened.  This is a Stephen King short story book with some interesting stories that are certainly a wide variety as well.  I would read one of the stories and then this book would get set aside for weeks at a time.  It went along on vacation, it sat in my car and a few pages got read when I would have to pickup Rose after school and practice.  It was a good book just to throw along.  I liked the stories and they were easy enough to pick up on if not reading for a few days.

This is a not postable book for PBS.  I will keep it around for now, probably giving it away at some point.  I just started The Twelve, the 2nd book in his vampire trilogy.  I might start a 3rd book but probably not tonight.

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