Saturday, May 23, 2015

I am Hutterite--#29 finished

I really didn't know much about Hutterite communities before reading this book.  I think I had scanned a wikipedia article on them and that was the reason for finding & WL the book on PBS.  Eventually it came but like most books on PBS it requires patience.  It was really interesting to read about these different related farms of communities and how they live their life.  I would imagine living in a community has it own struggles but throw in the fact that in some ways they are Amish like, no TV, no radio and little interaction with the outside world.  But they do have modern things like their kitchen and farm equipment.  I would guess they also have a hard time keeping people in the community.  The author grew up in a Hutterite community until around age 10 when her family left and went on their own.  A really interesting life and struggle for the author and her family.

I am not sure if I will post on PBS or not.  I might try to talk others into reading the book because it is an interesting way of life that most just don't realize is even out there.

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