Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Boyfriend--#26 finished

2nd in a series, at least I hope it continues as a series, with Jack Till as a retired cop that is a private investigator.  Not as much of the day in the life like the Kinsey Milhone series but more of a focus on big cases that take months not days to solve.  Other thing I like about this is Jack Till has a young adult daughter with Down Syndrome and she is just a character in the book.  No crazy story lines or weird focus, she just is there and it describes their relationship.  I enjoy this, just a seemingly normal like background character.  The investigation part in this one may have been a little hard to believe and follow but was still fun overall.

I am keeping this series at this point so this one will stay on my shelf.  I have 4 books reading but not sure if any will get finished over this weekend or not.  Reading Fargo Rock City, Chuck Klosterman's book about growing up in ND & being a metal rock fan in the '80s.  Also reading I Am Hutterite about a lady that grew up in early years in a Hutterite community--think Amish but live in a community.  Then started reading Tom Wolfe's Back to Blood about Miami and then that leaves a short story book Sleeping at the Starlite Motel by Bailey White.  All four books are good but none have grabbed me yet to where I will sit & kick out a 100 or so pages in a night.

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