Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A Student of Living Things--#43 finished

An interesting novel of a close knit extended family that suffers the murder of the son.  It is an unsolved case that haunts the family.  His sister trying to return to normal returns to her graduate studies and meets a guy that says was the brother's friend.  Through some twists & turns well he is the killer, an insane guy.  She, before knowing he is the killer, helps him lure next person toward them.  When next guy closer to coming to town, she kind of wises up and they don't meet and she eventually turns insane guy over to FBI & he confesses.  Mean time her & other guy meet up have a quick romance & he leaves country and she has their child.   Many details left out but like I said an interesting story.

I will be posting it on PBS, I don't think any hardcopy copies on system--maybe a paperback though.  No WL for it so it will be sitting for who knows how long.  Still reading Rothstein and just getting started on Innocent Blood & Harry Potter book 2.  I might go ahead and start another book tonight too.

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