Wednesday, August 26, 2015

NYPD Red 2 -- #46

Another series that I am reading, this one by James Patterson and Michael Karp.  Unlike other Patterson books I have read recently, I really like this one & also the first book in series.  An elite police group in NY that works on police cases of the elites in NY.  Fun characters and fast action so nice page turner.  I would imagine a 3rd and beyond will be coming out as well.  This one had a vigilante kind of serial killer angle that ended up being other policemen doing it.

I have posted it on PBS already, it is a mass paperback and the WL was running short so I just got it in a couple weeks ago and mailing off while there is still a WL for it.  Still reading Innocent Blood and Racing While Black and just started a short story book--Going Away Shoes.  Not sure if will be starting a 4th book right away or not.

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