Monday, August 24, 2015

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets--#45 finished

The 2nd in the Harry Potter series and is a good read.  Still seems a little kidish or young for my taste but have been told it becomes more adult like as the series goes on.  Lots of stuff in here that makes it appealing but nothing I see that would make me fanatical about it.  Of course saying that I already know the history & my expectations are of course influenced by that so not a true test either.  Good book and good characters & will continue on with the series.  We have the 3rd book but think we are missing the 4th but have plenty of time to find or get copy out of library yet.

This is on the keeper shelf, so no posting it to PBS.  Also there are probably tons of copies already out there anyway so no reason to add to that.

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