Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Going Away Shoes--#50 finished

Short story book by Jill McCorkle.  Very good book, a few of the stories really hit hard, great realism and emotions.  Most are good and a couple okay but those very good ones really make this a read worth doing.  The more I read short stories, I have kind of realized about myself, the more I have to learn to enjoy them for what they are.  At times I am left unsatisfied because I think there is more there and the author just didn't finish it--I like closure.  The are generally fun quick reads that make you think but you don't have to invest novel time and thoughts into them either.  While obviously still reading but it is a different kind of exercise in reading too.  Makes me think that maybe I need to retry poetry at some point for almost the same reason.  For now though I will continue to look for short story books and keep them in the regular mix of reading.

I will be posting it on PBS, this is one of those wish list multiple books that I promised myself I would get mailed off so my line jumping ways is sort of okay, at least for my mind.  There are 6 WL for it so it should move whenever I feel like doing a mailing.

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