Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Still Life With Bread Crumbs--#52 finished

A New York artist photographer is getting older, 60ish, single/divorced and her career has stagnated.  She has money problems with taking care of her parents, mother is in home with Alzheimer's and father in separate apartment with their longtime maid--maybe something more.  Also son just out of college and trying to work in movie productions so of course helping him out too.  She decides to sublet her Park Ave apartment and move to the hinterlands--couple hours or more out of NY into very rural NY state.  Meets interesting people and finds new subject that reinvigorates her career.  A younger man also in the picture and with some complications as well.  Some trouble in there but in the end seems like everything works out.  Nice story.  I thought beginning was really good but at end just kind of tied up the loose ends to get done with a happyish ending.

I will probably post on PBS but there is one page that has some wrinkles, not sure if postable or not.  Doesn't look like water damage but not sure either.  There are plenty of WL for it so might try a couple things to get wrinkles out first.  If not can donate away if needed.

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