Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Forever Boys--#58 finished

A very fun read about the Senior Baseball League from 1989-1990.  It was a league formed for 35+ age players, catchers at 32+ to continue playing baseball.  This was prior to expansion & right after the MLB owners collusion where older more expensive players were squeezed out of the league.  This was the time of the USFL and people with money thought about starting ways to compete with the other major leagues.  A good read about the St Petersburg Pelicans and the players and the teams they played against.  More than a few times after reading a chapter or two I would open up baseball and look up the stats on these players--fun reliving some memories.  Also several of the players I have baseball cards for--since I collected from later '70s and into mid to late '80s.  Fun to see some of the names still showing up, Steve Henderson is hitting coach for the Phillies, Dock Ellis just passed away among others.

This one is going on my keeper shelf, not really a designated shelf, just a thought in my head more like.

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