Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Street Lawyer--#59 finished

A good Grisham read.  A big firm lawyer is caught in a hostage situation at work where homeless guy keeps group of them homeless.  It ends with homeless guy getting shot & his blood is all over this lawyer.  Lawyer re-evaluates his life and looks into why homeless guy did it & finds out big firm did him wrong.  His whole life changes, ends marriage that was on way to end, moves out of nice expensive apartment to much cheaper, leaves big firm and goes to work in poverty/street lawyer type place, starts helping at homeless shelters.  Finds mentor lawyer that helps homeless.  Sues big firm because of their wrong.  All kind of works out in the end.  Nothing great but a good quick page turner type read. Was written in late '90s but guess it was one that I had missed back then.

It is wrinkled, could be water damage or just cheaply made.  Since it is a Grisham & there are already hundreds of this copy on PBS, it is going to my give away pile.

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