Monday, February 29, 2016

Little Madhouse on the Prairie--#12 finished

This book first got put on my WL because I thought it had something to do with the Little House TV show--my wife is still a big fan.  Sometime later before I got the book I realized it wasn't about the TV show but about growing up in N Dakota and figured okay since I grew up in NE figured I would still give it a try.  Once I received the book I realized it was about growing up in an abusive family & how this lady over came this.  Tough parts to read and have to credit author for finding a way through.  Not sure I completely buy all the therapy and techniques used but per this book it seems to have helped the author then okay.  Not really a book I probably would have read if I realized what it was about but still a good read to realize/remind oneself that there are people going through these kinds of things.

I will mail off probably soon on PBS, I think there are 2 WL for it.  There is no reason for me to hold onto this & want to get it out to someone it could help.

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