Sunday, February 21, 2016

Visit Sunny Chernobyl--#10 finished

A fun sort of travel book about the author visiting some of the world's most polluted places--Chernobyl, a river in India that gets Dehli's raw sewage, Fort McMurray, Canada and the oil sands, Port Author, LA the US's refinery town, the plastic floating mess in the Pacific and so on.  Good interesting reads about all of them.  He just kind of visits and examines them, doesn't get too preachy or too far out there environmentally but just his visiting these places & writing this book makes you think.  Living in St Louis area and our nuclear waste with a landfill fire not too far off, makes me hope we don't land in volume 2 of this--if there is one.

I will post this on PBS at some point, don't remember how many WL but still plenty so no big hurry at this point.

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