Monday, October 17, 2016

Djibouti--#48 finished

A documentary filmmaker decides to visit Djibouti and Somali during the height of the pirates taking boats hostage & demanding ransoms.  Her and her assistant rent a boat and get in amongst the pirates and also an American & his girl with their own agendas.  Overall a little confusing and sometimes just not that interesting.  I made my way through the book but enjoyment was probably on the lower end.  This is my 2nd Elmore Leonard book and what I remember is about the same as how I felt after the other one--I had to look it up, The Big Bounce, I read back in 2013.

I will post it on PBS, there are 2 copies ahead of it in hardback and who knows how many paperbacks but I guess has a chance to move at some point.

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