Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Same Kind of Different as Me--#50 finished

A true story about a homeless man in Fort Worth, TX that became friends with a well to do couple in volunteered at a local mission/shelter.  Story is about how this relationship changed both of their lives.  Goes back and looks at how Denver Moore the homeless man grew up as a sharecropper in Louisiana with no future and decided to jump on a train to leave behind that life.  Lives a tough life with time in jail but basically always homeless.  Well to do art dealer, Ron Hall and his wife Debbie while looking to do more in their life start volunteering at the shelter handing out meals.  It takes time and trust between all individuals but eventually become close friends.  Good story and told from a perspective that they weren't just giving help to the homeless but actually becoming friends with the person.

I have already posted it on PBS, it is the only hardcopy in system, there are a few paperback copies.  I would expect it will move at some point.

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