Tuesday, August 8, 2017

November 22, 1963--#40 finished

This is the date that President Robert Kennedy was shot.  The author Adam Braver mixes fact & his fiction or ideas into some of what happened that day from the perspective of Jackie Kennedy.  A really good read with interesting insights into some of the people surrounding the day--Abe Zapruder and his film, a hearse driver that shared a smoke with Jackie in the hospital, the mechanic that had to start cleanup & repairs on the limo afterwards, just interesting things.  I have not paid much attention to his assassination simply because it seems so many others have and the level of detail and opinions is just too much to really get a grasp on.  This was a good read with good info and also gets into what the feelings and emotions Jackie was going through.

There were 2 WL for it & I already posted it & will be mailing it off probably tomorrow.

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