Friday, August 11, 2017

The Keeper--#41 finished

This was supposed to be a kind of scary book about a screwed up small town in Maine.  Screwed up town-yes, people living screwed up lives-yes, scary well not really.  I just couldn't buy into that a good looking young lady that was abused by her dad became an evil thing that brought alive the ghosts of this dying small town.  People have secrets, small towns have a history of secrets, okay but it basically ends there for me.  Not scary but more like why aren't the people there more helpful and nice and get this young lady help instead of abandoning her to become the town whore.

I had this mass market paperback for a while & needed a book to carry around places & it fit the bill. Wasn't all that entertaining but can now at least give it away.  There are only a few copies on PBS but it is not in that great of shape so it will just go to my give away pile.

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