Thursday, August 31, 2017

Pig Candy--#45 finished

This is a memoir by Lise Funderburg about her father's life written and much of the focus about his last couple of years of life fighting cancer.  His dad born in 1926, grew up as a black child in small town Georgia.  His dad was a doctor there but this was still the time of Jim Crow laws & the KKK.  She includes stories of her grandfather & her dad growing up.  Her dad ended up in Philly where he met & married his mom, a white lady.  The marriage only lasted around a dozen years & they had 3 girls.  Her dad became a very successful businessman in real estate and she doesn't go much into their relationship from divorce on to recent.  Her dad is fighting a losing battle against prostate cancer and she goes into all the doctor appointments that also include heart issues and infections.  Her dad also has bought a plot of land back in Georgia in the town he grew up and wants to spend much of his time there and the people from there he knows.  Good read with lots of interesting perspectives on life.

I will post it on PBS, there are no copies in system so expect it to move at some point.

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