Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Another Week

Another week has gone by and all I really have to type up is the what happened. Kind of boring. First off though the flea market for Down Syndrome is done, that was on Saturday and had caused much stress and worry leading up to it. It was reasonably successful, all or most spots were rented. It started raining just before noon, at which point most vendors closed up. The BBQ also called it a day since the customers left. Because it ended early we didn't make as much on the BBQ and at my wife's table, but again overall it went well.

I didn't get a run in over the weekend. I finally got a very slow run in on Monday, yes a week between runs. This is not a good idea if I really want to actually get in shape for a race in the next month or so. On Monday I was able to at least get 4 miles in, the first 13:30 or something around that, 12:20, 12:40 and 12:12--just like last week the last mile was the fastest. I am guessing this is because there were just too many days between my runs. Not sure yet when I will be running next--I really need to wake up early and run before work/anyone else wakes up, but I just can't do that yet. I like staying up late too much.

Still hacking away at Atlas Shrugged, very little progress this last week. Also haven't picked out another book yet but will probably start looking this week--maybe even tonight.

I guess this should do it for now. Again I really need to expand more in my thoughts and topics on this blog to not only make it interesting enough to read but also to challenge myself. I figure at some point I will also have to start attaching pictures and actually telling people about this place as well. This stuff is all in my head, but just hasn't gotten to the point of doing yet. Oh well.

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Tom said...

I started Atlas Shrugged two years ago and, well, still sitting around page 200 or so. Started back here. Stumbled across your blog in search of all things to do with Down syndrome. Happy reading...