Friday, October 26, 2007

Quick update

I tried to do an entry earlier this week, but my computer froze up on me & I never got back to it. Couple of things to post--I received my first message--thanks for the post & I will certainly be checking out your site. It looks like there is a lot of interesting stuff there.

Also, I finally finished off Atlas Shrugged. I kind of have mixed feelings on it as a whole. I don't think it is even close to good literature, the whole character development and story line were nothing special. The overall theme of the book though, I do find myself agreeing with and even watching for it in the news. A few months ago, while reading the book, I remember hearing a story about the civic leaders in East St Louis, IL wanting a new hospital in their city. They basically wanted it built there even though the hospital had almost no chance a making any money. I know there have been other instances of the same type news, where I sort of apply it to the theme of the book. My thought is the book was written as a defense against Communism, but I think it also applies against the smaller steps being taken toward Socialism today. In today's globalization, business owners are not getting out, but instead maintaining their profits by switching production to 3rd world type countries. It is definately a book that makes you think and overall I would recommend it to most people to read. It is a tough read though, small type and many pages along with some seemingly never ending passages. It is certainly more of a make you think type book than an entertainment type read.

I have started another book about Ancient Israel, it is upstairs so I don't have the exact title or author's name at the moment. I thought it would be a little more informative than it is though so even though I have started, finishing is not assured. It reads too much like a not very good textbook at this point. I am looking for a 2nd book to get started on still. I have a few that I am considering, hopefully get one started this weekend though.

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