Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Welcome to October

I am finding it harder to actually write about anything these days. I should go back and get more detail of things about my life, before I forget those things--whatever they may be. Lately, it has just been the same story, busy during the week and on weekends. Kids are all doing well, Rose has been doing cello lessons for about a month now. Thomas had a fever for a couple of days last week, but is okay now. We are really working with him on his potty training, but it doesn't seem like any progess is being made. He is wearing underwear to school, but is just holding #2 until he gets home and we aren't paying attention. Debbie bought some more puzzles for Angie & she just loves doing them. She has been just funny lately also. I think she likes that she has mommy all to herself for part of the day with Rose & Thomas at school. Debbie is working on the Flea Market coming up the 13th.

Me, well I am mostly just working. I am trying to get some running in where I can fit it. I would still like to do the half but I will need to see some progress in the next couple of weeks or it will be the 5k for me instead. I have a bad habit of eating too much damn food--maybe if I write it down it will help me from contining to make the same bad mistakes.

As far as reading, I finished up The Light in the Forest by Richter. I had read it once before(maybe twice) during my big reading period of high school I think. It is a short read and an interesting story about a white boy that was kidnapped and raised as an Indian. He was forced to return to his white family and never settled back in with them. An opportunity arised to return to his Indian village with a friend and he was off. While he enjoyed being back there were tensions in the tribe because of him. While with the Indian war party that was returning to revenge a killing, he stopped an ambush for fear of it being his white family. His Indian father saved his life but also forced him out from the Indians, basically forcing him to assume a life among white people. The story ends there. There are many questions that go unanswered and it is kind of up to the reader to decide what really happened I guess. A good read and it was a good break at times from Atlas Shrugged. I haven't picked out a 2nd book yet and may not--I am somewhere around 140 pages left in Atlas Shrugged and might just put full effort to finish it. Of course if next week at this time, I am still not done, don't be surprised if I have added a 2nd book to my current readings.

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