Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Just Checking In.

If anyone is noticing, I haven't checked in for awhile now. Life has continued to be busy with lots of stuff going on. Rose has VB practice & games, Thomas did Challenger Baseball this past weekend and Angie is working on new puzzles, potty training and doing tumbling during the day with mom.

I am trying to ramp up my running. I want to do the 1/2 marathon in Clayton, MO--I think the date is 11/11. I had a training program somewhere around here that showed me I was already 3 weeks late in starting. I ran 6 on Sunday at Forest Park, then 4 on Monday during kids PSR and did 3 tonight after work. I will take a day off Wed and probably try to get a workout or short run in Thurs--Rose has VB from 6-7:30, but she will leave early around 7 to go to Girl Scouts. I will probably do some kind of run from 6-7 then. Since it is Thursday which is Survivor night, I will be doing the transportation, my wife hates missing Survivor.

I am still plugging away at Atlas Shrugged. I am making what seems to me good progress on it, hopefully get past page 900 before I go to sleep tonight. The Light in the Forest is only getting a few pages here and there, Atlas is my main focus right now.

I am sure there are other things, but that should do it for now.

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