Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Weekend Recap

Well it has been over a week since I have typed anything so another recap is probably in line. Friday was my fantasy football auction night. If you are into fantasy football and still doing a draft instead of an auction, you are missing out. An auction is the only way to go. I will not bore you with the details, but will say that I am happy with my team. I will probably talk more about fantasy football during the season.

During the auction, a couple of people were also following the Cards game. Rick Ankiel hit a grand slam to give the Cards the lead late which they would hold for the victory--just an amazing story.

Saturday was Buddy Walk day for Down Syndrome awareness. This year they had added an event in Forest Park and then on Sunday they had the Cards game. The Saturday event had a walk of maybe a mile & half, with some games, food & stuff for the kids to do afterward. We got there a little early, but no problem, they were playing music and Thomas wanted to dance. He is kind of a little show off. Of course once the walk started it didn't take long before he wanted me to carry him--I guess I carried him at least 80% of the walk--good work out for my arms and shoulders I guess. Thomas is really doing a lot better at not running away from us and waiting in line. The waiting in line on Saturday though was not there--I figure he was tired from dancing and walking that waiting was just too much. He would wiggle, scream, twist, etc to get away to get into/on the big bouncy things they had. Taking turns throwing balls or bean bags to get prizes was also too much & he didn't really care about prizes, he just wanted to keep throwing. All in all it was a good time and the weather was about perfect for an outdoor event in St Louis.

Sunday was the Cardinals baseball game. The Buddy Walk participants could walk around the field before the game and then make the way to our seats. We were in no hurry so we were near the end of the whole group which I think was around 3k people. The big highlight for my daughter Rose was getting an autograph from a Cincinnati Reds player--Thomas Shearn pitcher. Of course I couldn't make the name out on the autograph, but read it on the back of his warmup jacket. Players are not really supposed to sign autographs at this for obvious reasons they would be swapped with people, but since we were near the end and he was coming off the field he stopped to sign a few. It really made my daughter's day. From what I understand about Thomas Shearn is that he has been in the minors a long time and has just made it up recently, Friday being his 2nd game in the big leagues. He started the game Friday but didn't give up Ankiel's grand slam. After toiling in the minors I would guess he is more than happy to sign autographs and enjoy his big league time--best of luck Thomas Shearn. Cards ended up winning on Sunday 3-2, a good game and again great weather.

Monday, I went to Forest Park and got a very slow run in of 5.5 miles. It was the hottest of the 3 days that weekend, but of course the only day where I had a chance to get a run in. The first couple of miles were fine, but I took a long water break after the 4th mile and a slight route change to cut the run a little shorter, but by 1/3 of a mile--just to get it over with a little sooner. I was feeling the heat and lack of running for over a week and needed the run the just end. After the run, we did lunch at my in-laws, of course BBQ on Labor day which I always eat too much of. Then I was able to talk my father in law into playing 9 holes of golf. I shot a very good for me 43 at a par 34 course--a couple of 4 put holes and a couple of other duff type shots and I could have had an outside shot at under 40. My best is either a 40 or 41--not really sure.

Tomorrow, our youngest Angela, is having eye surgery to tighten the eye muscles. She has had the surgery once earlier this year and it was determined she would need it done a 2nd time. Since Thomas has strep throat, I will be staying home with him while my wife takes Angie for her surgery.

I am still reading the two books, Atlas Shrugged and My Brother Ernest Hemingway. My Brother book was lost behind our couch for about a week so just getting back into it again. Atlas Shrugged is just tough work--cannot seem to read much more than maybe 20 pages a night. It just seems hard to make any real progress with the book--I am somewhere around page 670 though so the end is getting closer. I might start looking for a 3rd book to start slowly on also just to make sure I have options.

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