Monday, August 27, 2007

Recent things

Just some notes on what we did over the weekend. On Friday, I was supposed to play in a doubleheader softball games. I am not a regular but a backup and the team was a couple players short, my wife was also going to play. We even lined up our babysitter for the night. Well, of course it rained and rained hard--games were cancelled. That meant we actually had a babysitter & an night to ourselves. Mostly did shopping, looking for new TV--current one is slowly going out colorwise. Didn't find a TV or really much of anything. Ended up doing a late supper at St Louis Bread Co in the Loop. It was out of the bread bowls & pannai sandwiches--Wash U students moved in that day & then hit the Loop running them out of several things.

Saturday, Thomas had a temperature in the afternoon, so it meant sitting around with him a lot. My wife didn't go to a babyshower for a cousin, because we were babysitting for a niece. Since Thomas was sick, I stayed home with Thomas & Angela while Rose & Debbie went to babysit. Angie is really into puzzles which is kind of fun, until you are doing one of these kid's puzzles for the 5th or 6th time and once you convince her to stop she grabs another puzzle and here we go again.

Because Thomas was running a temperature, he was out for going to Debbie's uncle's house for a pool party on Sunday. Debbie took Angie & Rose to the party while I stayed home with Thomas. He was acting fine, but his temp was just a little high--low enough to go to school though. Sunday night was an event with the Albert Pujols Foundation, Hitters & Splitters I think they called it. It was for dad's and son's with Down Syndrome. It was a packed house & Albert took the time to go through the whole place meeting everyone there. This was the 2nd year for the event, we were there last year as well. Thomas likes watching sports in limited spurts on TV. When baseball is on, he knows to cheer for Pujols. So when Albert came by to say hi, Thomas said hi and then kind of watched the Sunday night game on TV, not really realizing or paying attention to Albert--which Albert I think kind of thought as funny. Fredbird was also there, but Thomas just wanted to watch and not get too close to him. We also bowled some, didn't really keep score though. Thomas got a split on his own and a strike from off of a push bar thing. By the end he was wanting to toss the bowling ball and I kind of let him as safely as I could for both himself and the alley. Thomas received a backpack with many things inside including an autographed Pujols card as his goody bag as well. It is really nice to know and be able to mention to people the good things Pujols & his family do for the DS association in St Louis.

Monday I was off work which was good because both Thomas and Angie were up throughout the night. Neither Debbie or myself got a whole lot of sleep--kind of in the 4 hour range I would guess. Thomas stayed home from school because of his lack of sleep. His temp is about the same as it was on Sunday, but with little sleep and being stuffed up now, we figured it best for him not to go to school. Since Thomas & Rose go to public school, they also then goto PSR. PSR is Parish School of Relgion, which happens to be Monday nights. Well at around 4:00, I got a call from Rose's new volleyball coach who said practices are Monday's from 5-6:30. Rose & another girl going to PSR would be let out early since PSR starts at 6:30 as well. My wife had talked with someone about VB who was supposed to pass a message along, but I guess this never happened because they have already had 3 practices before this. Well it is the end of the night now. I didn't get a run in at all this weekend--3 days and no run is a bad thing. Thomas & Rose both made it to PSR & had a short intro class & ice cream so they were happy. Everyone else is in bed now and at least so far still in bed. Good night.

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