Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What I am reading

I went on & on last night about myself, now I need a break before I attempt that again. Just a quick note on what I am reading. I just finished Willa Cather's One of Ours. A good read, but not one of my favorite Cather books, favorite is Death Comes to the Archbishop(of course I read this during a vacation in Florida and maybe that influence my liking it best so far). One of Ours really seems like two books, a boy with a lot of potential grows up into an unsatisfying life & marriage on a farm in NE. The US gets into WW I & this now man enlists and the 2nd half is about the trip to France and time there. Spoiler alert, he dies in France and that is basically the end of the book. I don't think there was really another ending for this book and Cather even mentions this by way of saying many vets that returned ultimately ended up commiting suicide once they returned to their normal life. I would certainly recommend it to Cather fans. If you have not read anything by Cather yet, try one of the other more popular books first, My Antonia & Oh Pioneers being others that I have read.

I am still working on Atlas Shrugged, somewhere around page 500 of the 1080 pages. In other words still a long way to go. I looked through my bookcases last night for another book and realized that I am running short of options right now. The used book store nearby closed just a month or so ago and I really don't like spending full price for my books if I can help it. There is a used book store in the U-City Loop, but it seems to be more of a collectors type bookstore, so still a little pricey. I will have to look around for other used bookstores soon.

Anyway I did pick out another book, My Brother, Ernest Hemingway, by Leicester Hemingway. Ernest Hemingway is one of my favorite authors, but I haven't really looked into his life so I thought this could be an interesting read. Hopefully light enough that I will still be able to put time in on Atlas Shrugged as well. Well it is getting late and I do want to read a little yet before bed so I had better get at it.

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