Thursday, August 16, 2007


I am an auto insurance adjuster, I review estimates & photos for our direct repair shops. Not a bad desk job to have. I have been with the same company for around 8 1/2 years. Today, we--my unit, had breakfast with a co-worker of ours that is currently in Iraq as part of his Army reserve unit. He is on leave and will be returning to Iraq this weekend. I wasn't able to talk with him all that long to really get an understanding of what it is like over there from his perspective. I know he was saying things like it wasn't nearly as bad as our media portrays and there are many good stories that never get mentioned. He also said he thinks the Iraqi military will be strong, sees a lot of positives with it now, but not ready to take over. I certainly believe him when he says these things. I am just left wondering how much of the retoric going on politically about Iraq is just that politics. Each side, the Dems & Reps, seem like solving the problem/s over there is not as important as which party is in charge of our system. While there are many important issues going on besides the war, it just seems like the war has become a political football, that each side is using to shore up their base. Of course, I guess the war has always been a political football in that sense. I just wish our politicians could be believed and could also take tough stances instead of always falling in line with their party's wishes.

Sorry for rambling on this, but talking with my friend, just kind of brought some of these thoughts to the fore front for me. It is getting late so I will end this one. I do plan on doing some kind of intoductory post I guess to give a little background on myself & family at some point, if anyone is reading this besides myself. Of course, not a bad idea to sometimes put in words our thoughts about the people closest to ourselves either, even if it is just for my compumpsion.

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