Saturday, August 25, 2007

Myself continued

I don't want to get into as much as I did earlier. Anyway, I went to college at SLU for 4 years, graduating with a BA in History/Political Science, a double major. I have always enjoyed studying & following politics, so that is why I majored in that. History was an easy add on since many of my electives were in History. I joined a fraternity my first semester there, the ADGs. This was probably for the best in that I am not a real outgoing person & this allowed me to get into a group of guys I could hang out with. I lived in the dorms for all 4 years and looking back on it, I cannot believe half of the stuff that was allowed to go on. Those are stories for another time though. Ted Koppel was our graduation speaker--nothing really important, just wanted to mention it.

I did workstudy jobs during the 4 years. My first year I did office work for the Dept of Dietics(sp?)--an office of all women. I kind of enjoyed it, boring work, but I was able to get my hours in. I stayed in town each summer and was able to get a job at the student center, where I was able to get enough hours to pay for staying in town. I didn't take any summer classes any of the years--just worked and goofed off basically.

After graduation, I kept working at the student center that summer and was accepted into grad school at SIUE for a master in Political Science. I got a parttime market research job at Fact Finders and went to class. Basically I just didn't know what I wanted to do & this was a way to prolong making any real decisions. Me & some friends from the fraternity rented a house on the Hill. My college life was extended. The 2nd year of grad school I did get a graduate assistantship in the student center that paid for some/all(not really sure) of my tutition. I did get student loans though to help live on. It also paid some and I was still getting hours at Fact Finders. I continued for a 3rd year of grad school but somewhere around the end of 2nd year they annouced they were going to discontinue the master program in Poli Sci. It was probably at this time I realized that I was not going onto get a PhD nor going to law school--it was time to get a full time job. I am not sure, but I think I only did the grad assist thing one year, not two. Also somewhere in here I worked as a bank teller for about 6 months at Roosevelt Savings & Loan. I then got a full time position with Fact Finders as a project manager. I will really have to sit down and do a whole timeline on all of this, I am not sure what overlapped and dates on these jobs. Anyway, I did the project manager job until Jan 1999, when I was hired as Insurance Adjuster for American Family & have continued in that ever since.

I dated my wife for about 5 years before we were married, 9/21/96. We have 3 children, Rose born 2/24/99, Thomas born 6/18/01 and Angela born 5/5/05. I will go into more about each on other posts. We bought our house in Overland in April of 1996, I moved in then & Debbie once we were married. Debbie was living in an apt with her sister for a year, summer of 1995 to summer of 1996. Before and after that she lived at her parents house, which is only about 5 minutes from our house. Our kids, Rose & Thomas, go to school almost right across the street from us at Wyland Elementary school, our public grade school. We are practicing Catholics and goto St Rita's church for the most part. There are many other parishes in the area that we visit depending upon our schedules.

Well, I am leaving it at this point now. I guess a decent background for myself.

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