Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Another review of past weekend

I have noticed how my weekends seem very busy both when I am living them and when I am typing them out.

Friday was Light the Night in St Louis at Forest Park--same location as last weekend's Buddy Walk. It was supposed to rain, but since others were going, we figured we could go and see what happens. By the time I got home from work and then loaded the van with the kids and left, we probably didn't get there until around 6:30. They had some games for the kids--those blow up bouncey things. Thomas & I hit the lines for those while Rose went off with some others to do the same. After some time at that, Debbie had gotten the hot dogs & drinks, so we took a break and ate. Then we were supposed to walk, but that is when the rain came down hard. We parked along the beginning of the route and once to the van loaded up and waited for everyone to pass before we could leave.

Saturday was golf day. It was for All Souls Parish. Start time was at 12:30, but we got there early enough to eat lunch. Of course it started to rain right before we started and continued for at least the first hour. We were pretty much soaked. For some reason they never stopped us from golfing and we got the whole 18 holes in. Our team shot 4 under, which is very good for us--4 birdies and the rest pars--no bogeys. I was able to write my name on a closest to the pin hole, but it didn't last for the prizes. I did win a raffle and took a Cardinals basket which has 4 tickets to the green seats for the game on 9/17. Those are very good tickets, probably about the best tickets I will get maybe in my lifetime--at least that is what I was thinking when I grabbed the basket.

Sunday, we did Mass at Holy Trinity at 10:30. This is usually a very long Mass and Sunday fit that profile. We were leaving the church at 11:55. In the past, I didn't really mind long Masses and still don't to a degree. The problem is that with Thomas he gets very restless and starts making noises, etc because it runs long. Holy Trinity does not have a quiet room/kids room so I have to take him to the vestibule where there are no benches or speakers. I was back there with him for a good 15 minutes at least wrestling him. From Mass, we went out to St Charles County for Rose's first VB game. It started at 1:30, but we had to get there at 1:00. A quick stop at the drive through at McDonalds for a light lunch and we found where we were going. Rose's team won--I think--they played really well. Rose is doing good and seems to really be having fun playing. She needs more practice to get better, but VB is certainly better than soccer was in the past.

Monday is also one of our busy days--actually it seems like most days now qualify for busy days it seems. Mondays though will be busy for some time. Rose has VB practice starting at 5pm, which means Debbie drops her off. I leave work at 5pm and come home and change into my running stuff. Then take Thomas and go pickup Rose at 6:15ish and take them both the PSR from 6:30 to 7:45. While they are in PSR, I go for a run. I did a slow 3.75 miles. I guess all of my runs are slow right now, I am just out of shape and need to put more miles in. Rose also has VB practice this week on Thursday at 7:00, so I might be able to get another run in then. It is not getting my long weekend run in which is probably what I miss most. With the weather cooling off, I might be able to start getting them in again.

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